Montag, 23. April 2007

The Jerk with the Cell Phone (A survival guide)

The purpose of The Jerk with the Cell Phone book is to help the rest of us survive while jerks talk on cell phones without ceasing.

Pros: We have all been subjected to being in a closed space with one of those cell phone jerks who always seem to have a cell phone glued to their ear. It is hard to tell if they are really busy or just holding on to a lifeline.

The Jerk with the Cell Phone is a paper back book that is 180 pages. The authors are Barbara Pachter and Susan McGee. They take a humorous look at one of the most modern day social faux pas…the loud mouthed jerk on a cell phone.

In The Jerk with the Cell Phone Pachter and McGee offer various strategies for either shutting him up or exacting some satisfying revenge.
The Jerk with the Cell Phone is a neat little book that would make a terrific gift for all of the jerks that you know that have cell phones or for those who are annoyed by them.

Cons: There are no cons associated with The Jerk with the Cell Phone. It provides very good information in a light hearted manner. However, if you give it to a jerk with a cell phone, he/she may get offended!

Guarantee: The Shoppers Choice guarantee reads in part: "Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to return any product within 90 days from date of shipment for a full refund of the purchase price (this does not include your original shipping fees)."

Value for money: The Jerk with the Cell Phone is an excellent value.

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Louise hat gesagt…

The swedish expression for that phenomenon is (translated) cell-flasher (with reference to ugly naked men in trenchcoats) ;-)

You know that type of people who like to talk in his/her cellphone about very private stuff in very crowded places.