Montag, 23. April 2007

The Jerk with the Cell Phone (A survival guide)

The purpose of The Jerk with the Cell Phone book is to help the rest of us survive while jerks talk on cell phones without ceasing.

Pros: We have all been subjected to being in a closed space with one of those cell phone jerks who always seem to have a cell phone glued to their ear. It is hard to tell if they are really busy or just holding on to a lifeline.

The Jerk with the Cell Phone is a paper back book that is 180 pages. The authors are Barbara Pachter and Susan McGee. They take a humorous look at one of the most modern day social faux pas…the loud mouthed jerk on a cell phone.

In The Jerk with the Cell Phone Pachter and McGee offer various strategies for either shutting him up or exacting some satisfying revenge.
The Jerk with the Cell Phone is a neat little book that would make a terrific gift for all of the jerks that you know that have cell phones or for those who are annoyed by them.

Cons: There are no cons associated with The Jerk with the Cell Phone. It provides very good information in a light hearted manner. However, if you give it to a jerk with a cell phone, he/she may get offended!

Guarantee: The Shoppers Choice guarantee reads in part: "Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to return any product within 90 days from date of shipment for a full refund of the purchase price (this does not include your original shipping fees)."

Value for money: The Jerk with the Cell Phone is an excellent value.

Sonntag, 15. April 2007

Model Trains: A Hobbyist Guide

Model trains are popular and exist in the industry for more than over a century now. The first record of model trains goes back to as early as 1840’s.

Model railroading or model trains as it is widely known, are reduced or miniature models of trains and railways. Its scale structures include locomotives, street cars, rolling stock, rail tracks and signaling. But to a much more extensive type may include buildings, natural features, other vehicles, people, etc. Involvement in model trains can range from a possession of a single train set to hiking up to large amounts of money and countless hours of hard labor for its construction. Aside from hobbyists, it can also serve as a prototype for proposed projects without incurring the cost of a life-sized prototype.

The most primitive form is the Carpet Railways. Its locomotives were easy and much uncomplicated. They are normally made out of brass. Plain oscillating cylinder-like material served as its wheels. Since old trains are steam powered, the model trains were filled with water and just beneath it is a burner to exhibit a steam-like emission. There were no rail tracks involved, it was just positioned in the floor and was placed to run around. But due to a huge number of them exploding and crashing into walls, safety valves were then fitted.

Although model trains are just mere replication of the real thing, these babies are powered by genuine high-grade engines. Here are the top 2 that are broadly used:

The most popular in the whole world is arguably the HO scale. HO stands for half-O because this scale is 1:87 in ratio and is just about half that of the O scale. HO scales base 3.5 millimeters represent as 1 foot in the real world. However more insubstantial than other, it is most of the time preferred due to its smaller size.

Next is the O scale or O gauge. This scale means a 1:43 ratio in scale model. It can run on a conventional 3-rail track but more commonly on a 2-way track. However, the spacing of this type of gauge is not that accurate and is not true to scales.

Model Trains have come a long way from the most popular plaything now as a collector’s item. They certainly have their share of ups and downs when more advanced modes of transportation came in. But they stood up to prove that they were all worth it!

Sonntag, 8. April 2007

IPOD Help!

It’s finally happened. You knew the day would come sooner or later, you just wish it had been later rather than sooner. What am I talking about? The fact that you need someone who knows their iPod help problems like the back of their hands. And why is that? Because your iPod has stopped completely, frozen in its tracks and nothing you do is helping it to thaw out.

The last thing that you want to do is to throw in the towel now and have to buy a new iPod (because naturally enough your warranty has expired). So you take the time to sit down and tell yourself to stop panicking, something can be done and you can find the necessary iPod help guru to get your iPod jump started again.

You go at this logically and decide to first look through the internet to see what you can find on the various iPod help topics that are littering the airwaves in cyberspace. The first place you decide to go to, is Apple’s official site which you feel should have the necessary iPod help and more, somewhere within its pages.

And Voila! You’ve hit the jackpot. There are reams and reams of people in more or less the same boat as you, all needing help on various different iPod problems. You decide to join the masses and get an answer to your problem. But first you conduct a search through the problems already asked and answered within the iPod help pages.

Luckily for you, or unluckily depending on your point of view, this is not a completely new phenomenon and many other people have also experienced this problem of their iPods freezing up. So you read through the very helpful answers laid out on these pages and find the answer to your problem. You also see that if you had read the iPod help manual in the first place, you would have found a solution to begin with!

Your iPod is now up and running, and is no longer frozen having thawed out completely when you followed the instructions found on the iPod help pages, but since you’re here anyway and the question came up once, you decide to do a search through the internet to find out if there are any other sites which will be of help to if you ever need iPod help gurus again.

And sure enough you find that there are many forums and iPod help pages where other people have tumbled across problems with their own iPods. There are many questions asked on the topic of iPod help needed, and more than enough viable answers to help you in your time of need.

Samstag, 7. April 2007

Car Ipod

One of the times when you appreciate your iPod the most is when you need to travel extensively, whether it’s by air, land or sea, and you find that you have a lot of time on your hands. And when this travel comprises travel by car having your own personal car iPod accessory kit can help you tremendously.

When you talk about a car iPod accessory kit however, there are different ways to look at it, and different types for you to get. These can encompass anything from complete car iPod accessory kits to one or two necessary items to an iPod FM transmitter.

With the latter, and iPod FM transmitter, most people find that they have all the utilities of a complete car iPod accessory kit, without the large price tag. And since the FM transmitters come in the wireless variety as well, all that you will really need to take along with you would be your iPod and your FM transmitter.

On the other hand if you want better quality sound than is available through these FM transmitters and if you can afford the price tag that goes along with it, a car iPod accessory kit is probably just the thing for you.

Comparatively speaking the FM transmitter can deliver good sound, but when push comes to shove you will find when you enter or pass through the bigger cities and towns, that the airwaves are so jammed full of FM transmissions that your clear sounding songs of a few minutes and miles ago, are not necessarily clear.

With a car iPod accessory kit at hand however, you will find that you don’t actually have to cope with all of that your songs play loud and clear the entire time. And if you’re worried about battery time, don’t be. Most of the car iPod accessory kits which are on the market these days include an iPod charger in the kit as well.

The problem with having a car iPod accessory kit however, is the fact that you will need to keep all the pieces in one place and together so as not to lose something important to the entire kit. For instance, losing your charger just because you were in a hurry and didn’t have anywhere to stash it won’t help you in the long run.

So along with your iPod you will also need to find a safe place to keep your car iPod accessory kit so that you always have access to it when you need it the most. Without otherwise, think of all the long boring miles that you would have to spend in the company of your own self!

Freitag, 6. April 2007

Ipod Cases

If you have an iPod, then you can be sure that you also already have many of the accessories geared for an iPod. These include such things as iPod cases, covers, screen protectors, car kits, FM transmitters, and even iPod socks.

No, these aren’t the type of socks that you can wear, but they are instead socks for your iPod to go into. They come in different colors and are normally available in packs of six socks or so. They are cute and they can be useful, but they are no way a good substitute for iPod cases.

Whereas the iPod socks will protect your iPod to some extent (it protects the screen and can keep your iPod from getting dirty), they do not give the same protection to your iPod that iPod cases do. However, not all iPod cases are the same, so if you’re thinking of getting a case to protect your iPod, you might first want to check whether it does the job it’s supposed to.

If you are interested then, you will find that there are many different types of cases available to buy, and they come in the same different sizes that the iPods come in as well. This is because one shoe, or in this case, iPod cases, won’t fit them all. Since the iPod also comes in a number of different sizes, the iPod cases are also manufactured to come in those specific sizes.

So you can’t get a case for an iPod shuffle and expect it to fit your iPod mini or even your iPod nano. One size most definitely does not fit all. If you wanted to though, you could invest in a case which was slightly larger than your iPod size, and this way when you throw in your old iPod for a newer generation iPod, you can be certain that of all the iPod cases that you have, this one will fit your new one as well!

iPod cases can also come in a variety of different materials, ranging from leather iPod cases to hard cover iPod cases to silicone type iPod cases. New iPod armbands also have a casing to place your iPod in, instead of a clip to clip it on. The best use for these types of iPod cases however, is for people who are constantly on the go and who love to use their iPod to workout with.

Dienstag, 3. April 2007

Alessi Tea Kettle

Alessi Tea Kettle - If you know your kitchenware and dining utensils, then you are probably familiar with the name “Alessi.” An Italian family, the first Alessi was called Giovanni of Luzzogno, who was among those who went to Germany in order to learn the trade of pewter-making. One of his descendants was also called Giovanni and he became the founder of what is now literally a household name – Alessi.

Known for their quality and well-done work, many products sold under the Alessi name won acclaim for their workmanship and perfect finish. They are quite simply beautiful pieces of metallurgical work as though molded from poetic design.

While the Alessi company manufacturers a range of products, among their specialties, under the “Alessi” brand are kitchenware and dining utensils, such as kitchen knives, biscuit boxes, containers, silver objects, pots and pans, and of course, Alessi tea kettles.

Mami Alessi Tea Kettle

Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, the Mami Alessi tea kettle is an oval casserole with lid and plain, brushed aluminum finish. The kettle represents hard work, both from a technical and production standpoint. Its 14-liter oval body requires complex and expensive moulds, and yet its sinuous shape harkens back to the feminine, maternal code present in all Alessi Tea Kettle of the “Mami” project.

9093 Alessi Tea Kettle

The Alessi tea kettles are known as products made by Italians. As such, the misconception is that they are tea kettles made by Italians for Italians. The Alessi company sought to change that in the 80s and 90s by introducing the 9093 Alessi Tea Kettle. As the first product by an American designer included in the catalogue of Alessi tea kettles, the 9093 kettle makes its mark with its playful design style. In fact, this funky design of the 9093 paved the way for more fun and playful designs in tea kettles in the eighties, making it one of the most recognizable icons of the Eighties.

Pito Alessi Tea Kettle

“Pito” means “whistle.” Thus, the Pito Alessi Tea Kettle is actually a whistling kettle but its bizarre design separates it from all other whistling tea kettles out there. The Pito is done in steel mirror polished with handle and cap. The whistle is made with mahogany wood for more “melodic” whistling sound once the water starts to boil.

Mama-O Alessi Tea Kettle

Another Alessi tea kettle under the “Mami” project, the Mama-O kettle has the characteristic oval design of all “Mami” works and the unique and inspired design of all Alessi products. Produced in 1992, the Mama-O is a kettle in steel mirror polished with handle, caps and melodic whistle.

There are plenty more tea kettles produced under the Alessi brand name. With their unique and inspired designs that highlight the sinuous beauty of metal as well as showcase the metallurgical skills that are in the Alessi blood, the Alessi tea kettles are the embodiment of the fusion of aesthetic design and beautiful form.