Freitag, 6. April 2007

Ipod Cases

If you have an iPod, then you can be sure that you also already have many of the accessories geared for an iPod. These include such things as iPod cases, covers, screen protectors, car kits, FM transmitters, and even iPod socks.

No, these aren’t the type of socks that you can wear, but they are instead socks for your iPod to go into. They come in different colors and are normally available in packs of six socks or so. They are cute and they can be useful, but they are no way a good substitute for iPod cases.

Whereas the iPod socks will protect your iPod to some extent (it protects the screen and can keep your iPod from getting dirty), they do not give the same protection to your iPod that iPod cases do. However, not all iPod cases are the same, so if you’re thinking of getting a case to protect your iPod, you might first want to check whether it does the job it’s supposed to.

If you are interested then, you will find that there are many different types of cases available to buy, and they come in the same different sizes that the iPods come in as well. This is because one shoe, or in this case, iPod cases, won’t fit them all. Since the iPod also comes in a number of different sizes, the iPod cases are also manufactured to come in those specific sizes.

So you can’t get a case for an iPod shuffle and expect it to fit your iPod mini or even your iPod nano. One size most definitely does not fit all. If you wanted to though, you could invest in a case which was slightly larger than your iPod size, and this way when you throw in your old iPod for a newer generation iPod, you can be certain that of all the iPod cases that you have, this one will fit your new one as well!

iPod cases can also come in a variety of different materials, ranging from leather iPod cases to hard cover iPod cases to silicone type iPod cases. New iPod armbands also have a casing to place your iPod in, instead of a clip to clip it on. The best use for these types of iPod cases however, is for people who are constantly on the go and who love to use their iPod to workout with.

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