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Alessi Tea Kettle

Alessi Tea Kettle - If you know your kitchenware and dining utensils, then you are probably familiar with the name “Alessi.” An Italian family, the first Alessi was called Giovanni of Luzzogno, who was among those who went to Germany in order to learn the trade of pewter-making. One of his descendants was also called Giovanni and he became the founder of what is now literally a household name – Alessi.

Known for their quality and well-done work, many products sold under the Alessi name won acclaim for their workmanship and perfect finish. They are quite simply beautiful pieces of metallurgical work as though molded from poetic design.

While the Alessi company manufacturers a range of products, among their specialties, under the “Alessi” brand are kitchenware and dining utensils, such as kitchen knives, biscuit boxes, containers, silver objects, pots and pans, and of course, Alessi tea kettles.

Mami Alessi Tea Kettle

Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, the Mami Alessi tea kettle is an oval casserole with lid and plain, brushed aluminum finish. The kettle represents hard work, both from a technical and production standpoint. Its 14-liter oval body requires complex and expensive moulds, and yet its sinuous shape harkens back to the feminine, maternal code present in all Alessi Tea Kettle of the “Mami” project.

9093 Alessi Tea Kettle

The Alessi tea kettles are known as products made by Italians. As such, the misconception is that they are tea kettles made by Italians for Italians. The Alessi company sought to change that in the 80s and 90s by introducing the 9093 Alessi Tea Kettle. As the first product by an American designer included in the catalogue of Alessi tea kettles, the 9093 kettle makes its mark with its playful design style. In fact, this funky design of the 9093 paved the way for more fun and playful designs in tea kettles in the eighties, making it one of the most recognizable icons of the Eighties.

Pito Alessi Tea Kettle

“Pito” means “whistle.” Thus, the Pito Alessi Tea Kettle is actually a whistling kettle but its bizarre design separates it from all other whistling tea kettles out there. The Pito is done in steel mirror polished with handle and cap. The whistle is made with mahogany wood for more “melodic” whistling sound once the water starts to boil.

Mama-O Alessi Tea Kettle

Another Alessi tea kettle under the “Mami” project, the Mama-O kettle has the characteristic oval design of all “Mami” works and the unique and inspired design of all Alessi products. Produced in 1992, the Mama-O is a kettle in steel mirror polished with handle, caps and melodic whistle.

There are plenty more tea kettles produced under the Alessi brand name. With their unique and inspired designs that highlight the sinuous beauty of metal as well as showcase the metallurgical skills that are in the Alessi blood, the Alessi tea kettles are the embodiment of the fusion of aesthetic design and beautiful form.

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