Sonntag, 15. April 2007

Model Trains: A Hobbyist Guide

Model trains are popular and exist in the industry for more than over a century now. The first record of model trains goes back to as early as 1840’s.

Model railroading or model trains as it is widely known, are reduced or miniature models of trains and railways. Its scale structures include locomotives, street cars, rolling stock, rail tracks and signaling. But to a much more extensive type may include buildings, natural features, other vehicles, people, etc. Involvement in model trains can range from a possession of a single train set to hiking up to large amounts of money and countless hours of hard labor for its construction. Aside from hobbyists, it can also serve as a prototype for proposed projects without incurring the cost of a life-sized prototype.

The most primitive form is the Carpet Railways. Its locomotives were easy and much uncomplicated. They are normally made out of brass. Plain oscillating cylinder-like material served as its wheels. Since old trains are steam powered, the model trains were filled with water and just beneath it is a burner to exhibit a steam-like emission. There were no rail tracks involved, it was just positioned in the floor and was placed to run around. But due to a huge number of them exploding and crashing into walls, safety valves were then fitted.

Although model trains are just mere replication of the real thing, these babies are powered by genuine high-grade engines. Here are the top 2 that are broadly used:

The most popular in the whole world is arguably the HO scale. HO stands for half-O because this scale is 1:87 in ratio and is just about half that of the O scale. HO scales base 3.5 millimeters represent as 1 foot in the real world. However more insubstantial than other, it is most of the time preferred due to its smaller size.

Next is the O scale or O gauge. This scale means a 1:43 ratio in scale model. It can run on a conventional 3-rail track but more commonly on a 2-way track. However, the spacing of this type of gauge is not that accurate and is not true to scales.

Model Trains have come a long way from the most popular plaything now as a collector’s item. They certainly have their share of ups and downs when more advanced modes of transportation came in. But they stood up to prove that they were all worth it!

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