Dienstag, 14. August 2007

Bar Genie from Pracx.com

Consumer: Bartenders

The purpose of the Bar Genie is to provide bartenders (professional or nonprofessional) with recipes and instructions for mixing all kinds of drinks, including the latest ones.

Pros: Bar Genie is very easy to use. You can find out how to make almost any alcoholic drink ever invented, or you can find out what kind of alcoholic drinks you can make with the ingredients that you have on hand. There are recipes and instructions for mixing more then 29,500 different alcoholic drinks, and more are being included all the time. Recipes for the latest drinks are automatically downloaded for you. There are so many features included in the Bar Genie that they really are simply too numerous to list.

You can find a recipe and instructions for making any alcoholic drink imaginable by name or by ingredients. The memory search technology is awesome. You can learn bartending tricks and shortcuts by using the "Bartender’s Tips" feature. The “Ingredient Substitute” feature is invaluable. There is even a blood alcohol calculator included.

Cons: The Bar Genie software is so complete and so easy to use that I could find nothing to complain about. It appears to be an excellent program for bartenders, or for those who wish to become bartenders, or even for those who just want to play bartender at weekend parties that they host.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee as such, but there is a 15-day free trial before a user must pay for the software.

Value for money: The Bar Genie appears to be an excellent value for professional bartenders or those who just play bartender at weekend parties.