Freitag, 18. Mai 2007

Essential Dirt Bike Racing Gear

Essential Dirt Bike Racing Gear - Dirt bike racing is certainly one of the most rugged sports in the world. Nature’s elements such as cold, rainy weather can beat up on a rider. Rocks and dust can take their toll on a rider.

Therefore, riders also need to don dirt bike racing gear to protect themselves from nature’s elements and from unfortunate crashes. This is not your ordinary motorcycle gear. Dirt bike racing gear is designed to be more durable and more flexible. Aside from that, modern dirt bike racing gear also makes the rider look good and sporty.

The first thing on the list is a full face helmet, complete with a visor. A dirt bike rider should not only wear a helmet for cool looks. Wearing a helmet is for safety reasons. It will protect the rider from head injuries. It will also protect the rider’s eyes from dust, debris and bugs. Helmets are usually made of tough Kevlar reinforced plastic and carbon fiber. Inside, the helmet is lined with fabric and padding for comfort.

Motorcycle clothing comes in next. Many bikers wear leather clothing. Leather provides protection from abrasions, impacts, and punctures. They also provide good protection against weather. The problem with leather, though, is that they take a long time to dry if they become wet.

Today, many bikers are opting for modern motorcycle clothing that is made of synthetic materials than traditional leather clothing. The synthetic suits are made of high density ballistic nylon made from Kevlar, Lycra or Cordura. Sometimes, they are lined with a layer of Goretex, which makes them waterproof. Synthetic suits offer better protection than leather. They are also more comfortable and flexible than leather. Some even have functional pockets to put things in. Furthermore, they can be worn over normal clothing.

No dirt bike racing gear is complete without biker boots. These boots are made of heavy leather to protect the biker not just from the elements and accidents but also from the heat of the bike’s engine. Biker boots have shorter heels to allow maximum control over the bike. More expensive boots even have metal, plastic or composite materials in them.

Gloves are also important to protect the hands from abrasions during a crash. But its main purpose is to allow the rider to have a better grip on the handles. Hands often become sweaty. Enough sweat will cause a rider’s hand to slip, therefore, losing control of the bike.

Lastly, dirt bike racing gear also includes knee pads and elbow pads. Made of durable plastic or composite materials, knee pads and elbow pads protect these sensitive points from injury in case of crashes.

Remember that when choosing dirt bike racing gear, you are not just choosing for the looks. You are choosing for your protection.

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2007

Pro Baseball Loose Long Sleeve Top for Men by Nike

The purpose of the Pro Baseball Loose Long Sleeve Top for Men is a long sleeve top for playing baseball or just supporting a favorite team.

Pros: The Pro Baseball Loose Long Sleeve Top for Men by Nike is a loose fitting, long-sleeved t-shirt that will quickly become your very favorite shirt. You will likely want more than one when you see just how comfortable the Pro Baseball Loose Long Sleeve Top for Men by Nike really is and how great it looks.

The Dri-Fit fabric that the Pro Baseball Loose Long Sleeve Top for Men by Nike is constructed from pulls moisture away from the body so that you will stay dry and comfortable even when you are exerting a lot of energy. There is spandex added to the fabric to provide added comfort and room to move.

As an added bonus, Paragon Sports provides free shipping on orders that total $48.95 or higher. The Pro Baseball Loose Long Sleeve Top for Men by Nike will streamline your moves and keep you comfortable at the same time.

Cons: The only con is that you are going to want more than one of these excellent quality tops because they look great and are so comfortable.

Guarantee: The guarantee on the website states in part, “If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return the merchandise in it's original condition with packaging to Paragon Sports via an insured, trackable shipping service or you may return the merchandise to our retail store within 30 days from the receipt of your order.”

Value for money: The Pro Baseball Loose Long Sleeve Top for Men by Nike is an excellent value.

Samstag, 12. Mai 2007

The Armor of Breitling Watches

One of the choicest luxury watch brands for adventurers and other sportsmen is Breitling. Breitling watches are among the sturdiest, most rugged and aesthetic in the world.

Aside from quality materials used in its movement, another key component to the toughness of any Breitling watch is its case.

The case of each Breitling watch is characterized by its technical complexity, the high standard quality of its finish and its exceptional visual beauty. Each case is created out of sophisticated and strong alloys such as anti-magnetic 316L stainless steel or Grade 2 titanum. These primary materials are the key to the case’s capability to withstand up to intensive use.

Each Breitling case is manufactured through a stringent procedure. The first step is to make a middlecase, a rough body of the watch case itself. Each middlecase is cut from a high density metal, stainless steel or titanium bar using a high performance press.

The middlecase is then made to undergo eight stamping operations successively. This step increases the middlecase’s strength to withstand 20 to 85 tons of pressure.

The middlecase is then placed in a furnace. The flame in the furnace refires the middlecase up to 1100 degrees Celsius. This temporarily lessens the steel’s hardness from 250 to 170 vickers. This makes it easier for manufacturers to make minute adjustments to the case. When the case cools, it hardens again to 250 vickers.

In all these operations, a middlecase is made to withstand a total stamping pressure of more than 400 tons!

At this point, the case of a Breitling watch is ready for its finish. Fifteen polishing operations are required to achieve an almost preternatural shine. The operation is done by hand to ensure that all parts of the case are not left out in cleaning. The case is also subjected to nine baths to ensure exceptional cleanliness.

The other components of the case such as the bezel and tabs are also subjected to the same procedure to achieve an immaculately clean and shiny finish.

Finally, all the components of the case are assembled together by hand. The final case undergoes rigorous testing. If the case passes the testing, the movement and the bands can then be incorporated, resulting in the final Breitling watch that is to be packaged and sold to the market.

So, if you happen to own a Breitling watch and accidentally drops the timepiece, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. The tough, tested case will make sure that your watch will stay as functional as ever.

The Advantages of Diesel Generators:

Generators are machines that are used to provide electricity during power interruptions. These wondrous machines also provide electricity on places that has no local utility power. Of the many variants of generators available in the market these days, the number one choice among generators is the diesel powered electric generator.

Diesel powered generators or more known as diesel generators are the most widely used generator systems today. Diesel generators use not as much fuel as other types of generators. Thus, it makes the diesel generators highly fuel efficient than gasoline powered and natural gas powered generators. That is because diesel generators is three folds more efficient than other powered generators on every liter it consumes. It does the same amount of workload but consumes less fuel. In addition to the lower costs of diesel compared to gasoline.

And unlike the gasoline powered generator, the diesel generator requires less maintenance because it does not have sparkplugs and carburetors. As a result, negates the need for parts replacements. It only requires regular oil change for it to run smoothly. Recent studies show that diesel generators tend to outlast gasoline powered generators. Almost all of the diesel powered generators that are available on the market these days have a “water cooled” engine which makes the engine of the generator more durable, efficient and dependable among the rest.

Diesel generators are also much safer than gasoline powered and natural gas powered generators. That is because diesel powered generators utilize on “direct injection principle”. This process negates the need for a sparkplug on its engine. Thus, keeping safe from fire and diesel is also less flammable than gasoline or other natural gas. In addition to that, diesel generators have better and longer shelf life than other types.

However, the main disadvantage of diesel powered generators is that its engine is much noisier and gives off more smoke. Diesel powered generators also are hard to activate during cold weathers. And in some cases, diesel powered generators are more expensive than other types of electric generators, depending on its ratings, voltage, quality of the unit and most of all, its brand. Diesel powered generators are mostly used on industrial applications because of its high energy capacity.

On the other hand, diesel generators are more economical than other types of fuel powered generators. By which makes the diesel powered generators a better option in choosing the type or electric generator.


The purpose of a membership in iPod Blender is to gain access to over 20,000,000 digital products for download.

Pros: Payment for a membership in iPod Blender can be made either with a credit card or with an e-check and there is no additional charge for using an e-check. However, if an e-check is used, access is not instant.

iPod Blender is fully compatible with iTunes. All you have to do is simply download the music you want and use iTunes to transfer it to your iPod. No additional software or downloads are needed. You gain access to over 20,000,000 Songs and MP3's. You can download full albums, single songs, unreleased mixes and more. You can play them on your computer, burn them on a cd or transfer them to your iPod. Additionally you can copy your own CD collection or download from the existing database of music already available online.
iPod is a respected name in the world of downloadable music and is a name that you can feel safe relying upon to provide you with the music downloads that you most want.

Cons: There are not any discernible cons associated with a membership in iPod Blender other than the fact that there are far too many choices.

Guarantee: The guarantee on the website reads in part: “We provide full support and can help with most technical issues. If you have met the minimum requirements but still have trouble because of hardware issues we will offer a refund. A refund request must be made within 60 days of the date of the purchase.”

Value for money: Membership in iPod Blender is as a very good value.

Price: One time fee of $37.00 for a lifetime membership

Consumer: Music Lovers and iPod owners.

Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2007

The Vanishing Bandanna Magic Trick from

The Vanishing Bandanna Magic Trick from - Consumer: Magicians and those who wish to become magicians.

The purpose of The Vanishing Bandanna Trick is to provide you with the props and instructions for performing the funny trick.

Pros: The Vanishing Bandanna Trick is nothing but pure FUN! I can’t explain this trick any better than it is explained on the website. Here is how it is described:

“You explain to the audience that you subscribe to a mail order magic company that sends you magic lessons on a CD. You received one today and brought it to show the audience how you learn your tricks. You open the shipping box and remove a CD. With any CD player, you put the CD in and start the lesson. After a short music introduction a pleasant male voice explains that this is "The Lesson of the Vanishing Bandanna." The voice tells you that you will need two props for this trick. The first is a large dark colored square of fabric and the second being a yellow bandanna. Upon these words you reach into the shipping box and bring out a piece of dark fabric and a yellow BANANA, not a yellow bandanna! The voice continues to explain that this lesson is about "Palming" and instructs you to fold up the yellow bandanna and vanish it in the dark square of fabric. This is done, but you are really folding and mashing up the banana...which will get a great response of laughter from the audience. The trick ends with you vanishing the folded and mashed BANANA in the dark fabric square.”

Cons: The Vanishing Bandanna Trick is so easy and fun, there's little downside if you are looking for an amusing and easy to perform trick. Very little practice is required.

Guarantee: There is a guarantee that the merchandise will arrive undamaged. The return policy in part states: “We accept returns on new, unopened, unused items. You must call us to receive an RMA number to authorize the return. Please note, attempting to return items you have opened for a refund is mail fraud and you may be subject to prosecution. Open items are not returnable for a refund.”

Value for money: The Vanishing Bandanna Trick is a very good value.

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2007

10-Dollar Statue of Liberty Coin

The purpose of the 10-Dollar Statue of Liberty coin is to honor the world's most recognized symbol of freedom and those who have entered America legally seeking a new and better life for themselves and their families.

Pros: The Statue of Liberty is the first tangible sight of freedom that legal immigrants to America have seen for many generations. The Statue of Liberty was designed by Auguste Bartholdi and engineered by Gustave Eiffe. It was a gift to the American people by France in 1886.

This beautiful gold coin is part of a larger collection. The pieces of this larger collection called History of America. The 10-Dollar Statue of Liberty coin is a limited edition. There will be only 50,000 made. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity will accompany each purchase of the 10-Dollar Statue of Liberty coin.

Cons: There are no particular cons associated with the 10-Dollar Statue of Liberty coin. The face value of the coin is $10.

Guarantee: There is a 100% guarantee of satisfaction offered by American Coin. Any purchase may be returned, without contacting the company, within 20 days of the purchase. The full purchase prices will be refunded with no questions asked. Additionally, American Coin guarantees that if a purchase of one of a larger set is purchased that the remaining pieces will remain available for future order.

Value for money: For coin collectors the 10-Dollar Statue of Liberty is an excellent value. It is part of a larger collection that will be minted and offered.