Samstag, 12. Mai 2007


The purpose of a membership in iPod Blender is to gain access to over 20,000,000 digital products for download.

Pros: Payment for a membership in iPod Blender can be made either with a credit card or with an e-check and there is no additional charge for using an e-check. However, if an e-check is used, access is not instant.

iPod Blender is fully compatible with iTunes. All you have to do is simply download the music you want and use iTunes to transfer it to your iPod. No additional software or downloads are needed. You gain access to over 20,000,000 Songs and MP3's. You can download full albums, single songs, unreleased mixes and more. You can play them on your computer, burn them on a cd or transfer them to your iPod. Additionally you can copy your own CD collection or download from the existing database of music already available online.
iPod is a respected name in the world of downloadable music and is a name that you can feel safe relying upon to provide you with the music downloads that you most want.

Cons: There are not any discernible cons associated with a membership in iPod Blender other than the fact that there are far too many choices.

Guarantee: The guarantee on the website reads in part: “We provide full support and can help with most technical issues. If you have met the minimum requirements but still have trouble because of hardware issues we will offer a refund. A refund request must be made within 60 days of the date of the purchase.”

Value for money: Membership in iPod Blender is as a very good value.

Price: One time fee of $37.00 for a lifetime membership

Consumer: Music Lovers and iPod owners.

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