Freitag, 18. Mai 2007

Essential Dirt Bike Racing Gear

Essential Dirt Bike Racing Gear - Dirt bike racing is certainly one of the most rugged sports in the world. Nature’s elements such as cold, rainy weather can beat up on a rider. Rocks and dust can take their toll on a rider.

Therefore, riders also need to don dirt bike racing gear to protect themselves from nature’s elements and from unfortunate crashes. This is not your ordinary motorcycle gear. Dirt bike racing gear is designed to be more durable and more flexible. Aside from that, modern dirt bike racing gear also makes the rider look good and sporty.

The first thing on the list is a full face helmet, complete with a visor. A dirt bike rider should not only wear a helmet for cool looks. Wearing a helmet is for safety reasons. It will protect the rider from head injuries. It will also protect the rider’s eyes from dust, debris and bugs. Helmets are usually made of tough Kevlar reinforced plastic and carbon fiber. Inside, the helmet is lined with fabric and padding for comfort.

Motorcycle clothing comes in next. Many bikers wear leather clothing. Leather provides protection from abrasions, impacts, and punctures. They also provide good protection against weather. The problem with leather, though, is that they take a long time to dry if they become wet.

Today, many bikers are opting for modern motorcycle clothing that is made of synthetic materials than traditional leather clothing. The synthetic suits are made of high density ballistic nylon made from Kevlar, Lycra or Cordura. Sometimes, they are lined with a layer of Goretex, which makes them waterproof. Synthetic suits offer better protection than leather. They are also more comfortable and flexible than leather. Some even have functional pockets to put things in. Furthermore, they can be worn over normal clothing.

No dirt bike racing gear is complete without biker boots. These boots are made of heavy leather to protect the biker not just from the elements and accidents but also from the heat of the bike’s engine. Biker boots have shorter heels to allow maximum control over the bike. More expensive boots even have metal, plastic or composite materials in them.

Gloves are also important to protect the hands from abrasions during a crash. But its main purpose is to allow the rider to have a better grip on the handles. Hands often become sweaty. Enough sweat will cause a rider’s hand to slip, therefore, losing control of the bike.

Lastly, dirt bike racing gear also includes knee pads and elbow pads. Made of durable plastic or composite materials, knee pads and elbow pads protect these sensitive points from injury in case of crashes.

Remember that when choosing dirt bike racing gear, you are not just choosing for the looks. You are choosing for your protection.

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