Dienstag, 1. Mai 2007

10-Dollar Statue of Liberty Coin

The purpose of the 10-Dollar Statue of Liberty coin is to honor the world's most recognized symbol of freedom and those who have entered America legally seeking a new and better life for themselves and their families.

Pros: The Statue of Liberty is the first tangible sight of freedom that legal immigrants to America have seen for many generations. The Statue of Liberty was designed by Auguste Bartholdi and engineered by Gustave Eiffe. It was a gift to the American people by France in 1886.

This beautiful gold coin is part of a larger collection. The pieces of this larger collection called History of America. The 10-Dollar Statue of Liberty coin is a limited edition. There will be only 50,000 made. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity will accompany each purchase of the 10-Dollar Statue of Liberty coin.

Cons: There are no particular cons associated with the 10-Dollar Statue of Liberty coin. The face value of the coin is $10.

Guarantee: There is a 100% guarantee of satisfaction offered by American Coin. Any purchase may be returned, without contacting the company, within 20 days of the purchase. The full purchase prices will be refunded with no questions asked. Additionally, American Coin guarantees that if a purchase of one of a larger set is purchased that the remaining pieces will remain available for future order.

Value for money: For coin collectors the 10-Dollar Statue of Liberty is an excellent value. It is part of a larger collection that will be minted and offered.

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