Freitag, 16. November 2007

The Wired and Wireless External Apple Keyboard: Thoroughly Thought

If there is one thing worth noting about the wired and wireless Apple Keyboard, it is that it is one Apple keyboard which was thoroughly thought about, boasting impressive features, with some hardware add-ons extending the Apple Keyboard’s function from just simply being a dedicated keyboard for Apple computer systems.

Here are the Wired and Wireless External Apple Keyboards, which are now fast becoming trend and standard setters in the keyboard arena of computer peripheral devices.

The Wired Apple Keyboard

Bearing the same elegant, yet minimal design valued by all of Apple’s products, the Apple Keyboard simply looks equally well at home and at work, bearing a sophisticated no-nonsense, yet playful look, definitive again of all Apple’s product designs. Made with anodized aluminum, all one has to do is simply plug the Apple Keyboard on one’s Mac, then start enjoying inputting text data, feeling the crisp and responsive feel of the keys.

Featuring a full complement of keys, the Apple Keyboard comes with document navigation control keys, as well as special function features for controlling your Mac’s screen brightness, as well as special function keys for you to control your Mac’s volume, eject your discs, and play or pause your media files, all from within the keys on the Apple Keyboard.

You say that’s something you’ve seen before on other keyboards. Well, get this: the Apple Keyboard comes with two USB ports, which basically means you could connect your high speed USB devices through it.

Compatible with USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 ports, and working well with Mac OS X v10.4 or later, the Apple Keyboard is simply amazing.

Wireless Apple Keyboard

Taking advantage of the benefits of the now standard Bluetooth technology, the Wireless Apple Keyboard stands to be the ideal solution for you, if you wish to play with your Mac up close, or from across the room. Just like its wired Apple Keyboard sibling, the wireless Apple keyboard comes with an anodized aluminum frame, and bears the sleek minimalist, elegant look boasted by all Apple products.

Furthermore, it comes with battery conservation features, which basically means it turns itself off if you’re not using it, turning itself on once again once you start typing. All it needs is a Mac computer with Bluetooth wireless technology features, Mac OS X v10.4 and up, an existing keyboard and mouse for initial setup, and you and your wireless Apple keyboard are good to go.

With such impressive features all packed in these Apple Keyboards, it really isn’t a wonder why Apple is the entity it is today.

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