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Three Quart Tea Kettle

Purchasing a tea kettle is no easy task. If you are truly serious about tea drinking and believe that the perfect kettle makes the perfect tea, then you are going to do everything in your power to ensure that you get only the tea kettle that fits your needs.

What are the basic requirements of a tea kettle?

This is the first question you should ask yourself when shopping for tea kettles. The basic requirements, of course, are durability, material (what it’s made of), and capacity.


Durability is easy to understand. Of course, you want a tea kettle that will last you for years. After all, each purchase you make, whether it is a tea kettle or some other miscellaneous household item, is an investment of your money. While you may not always get your money back (you could always sell it at eBay), it is enough that you’ve made good use of it as to make it worth your money. That means that the item must last a good number of years.

Now the thing with tea kettles is that its durability more often ties with the type of material used. When it comes to tea kettles, durability and material is equal to quality.

Quality of the Material

There are three very common materials used in making tea kettles. These are stainless steel, glass, and cast iron. Of these three, the most durable is stainless steel. The reason is obvious, stainless steel does not break, unlike glass, and it does not rust either, unlike cast iron.

However, there are stainless steel tea kettles that are not of good quality. Some may actually produce scale formations – a result of heat reacting with the water and the material of the vessel, causing the minerals to buildup inside the kettle. Some of these minerals might affect the taste of your tea, which you don’t want to happen. So it is important to keep quality in mind when choosing the type of tea kettle to purchase.


The last consideration in purchasing tea kettles is capacity. In determining the right capacity of your tea kettle, ask yourself this one question: How much tea can you drink in a day?

If you are an avid tea drinker and there are also other tea drinkers in the family, then you are better off with a three quart tea kettle than a one quart one. A three quart kettle is large enough to produce several cups of tea which your family will enjoy yet small enough to allow you to make just one cup.

Moreover, a three quart tea kettle has enough capacity for when you are receiving guests. Even if you have a large family and you have guests, a three quart tea kettle can produce enough cups of tea to satisfy everyone’s appetite for tea.

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